Before your inner Karen spouts off, yes, the covid is still a thing in Oklahoma. Some municipalities are requiring citizens to wear a mask when in public. We can talk tyranny and your rights another time. If you want to play ball, you'll need the required equipment. It's literally the smallest thing in the world a person could be complaining about right now. If you don't want to travel, don't... but don't harsh another persons buzz by bullying them into not responsibly traveling the state.

Like we talked about before, there are a ton of things you experience in the state that still allow you to remain safely social distanced without hindering your ability to explore. In this instance, it's the Myriad Botanical Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City. It's unique among others across the world as it is also a public park. It's free to walk around and experience the vast majority of it. However, that's not to say it's just a park, it also features the unique Crystal Bridge.

The Crystal Bridge is a greenhouse shaped like a tube. Oklahomans worked hard to get it built, and after thirty years of perfecting the space, it's ferociously cool these days. You start your journey through the tube in a rain forest, and migrate to the desert by the time you get to the other side. Literally one of the coolest things in Oklahoma.

If you're worried about the rona, good news. The Myriad Gardens is taking heavy steps to help protect you and others from unknowingly spreading this virus around. They are requiring that you wear a mask, but will provide you with one. They've also stepped up their sanitizing game in common areas, and fees for the entire family are cheaper than a family meal at McDonald's.

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