Even though we've already talked about this, before your inner Karen spouts off, yes, the covid is still a thing in Oklahoma. Some municipalities are requiring citizens to wear a mask when in public. We can talk tyranny and your rights another time. If you want to play ball, you'll need the required equipment. It's literally the smallest thing in the world a person could be complaining about right now. If you don't want to travel, don't... but don't harsh another persons buzz by bullying them into not responsibly traveling the state.

Like we talked about before, there are a ton of things you experience in the state that still allow you to remain safely social distanced without hindering your ability to explore. In this case, we're planning a trip to Bricktown. Home of a ton of hidden fun stuff to do.

Did you know there is a mini-golf course along the Bricktown canal nestled into a little fun zone of cool activities? Yeah, it's there on the West side of the Bricktown Ballpark. Well, not on the "West side" of the ballpark, but West of it for sure. You have to walk the paths in between the buildings to find it off the beaten path.

Speaking of ballparks, while Major League Baseball is still tentatively planning to restart the season at an ever moving starting point, the minors are cancelled for the 2020 year. If you've ever sat for a July OKC Dodgers game, this is totally saving your electrolytes, consider it a win. That being said, Bricktown is making the most of the cards we've all been dealt. Sure, life there isn't what it was a year ago, but there's still a bustling scene of things to do.

Pro-Tip - If you want to plan a weekend or overnight stay, look to the hotels on the Northern border of Bricktown. They're just as convenient to the experience, but half the price of the hotels right in the middle of everything. Spend a few hours walking around Bass Pro... and before you say "How can you spend hours in a Bass Pro?"... It's totally possible. It's almost endless, but when you do eventually reach the end of the BP path, Cabelas is just twenty minutes North.

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