Mr Miagi once said, "Man who catch fly can accomplish anything." He's not wrong. Think about how erratic flies are. Their movements are jerky and unpredictable. But if you have the right conditions, and a steady trigger finger, you too can become the next fly-sniper.

While this would be extremely fun in a small caliber like 22lr or 17hmr, this guy is shooting 22caliber pellets out of an incredibly expensive air rifle. Why is it so expensive? It just does... That kind of precision doesn't come cheap. Then again, we've seen a 70 year old sheriff retiree win the Camp Pendleton open match with a fifty year old lever action 30-30... so it really just boils down to how disciplines a shooter you are.

Just an FYI, I'm fairly sure it's illegal to discharge any weapon inside Lawton city limits... BBgun, air rifle, bow and arrow, etc... So you might make friends with a landowner.

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