Here we are the beginning of the all good things and bad coming to an end.

The second half of season five of Breaking Bad has begun with the episode ‘Blood Money’ which begun the roller coaster ride of the final eight episodes of this drama.

We find the episode beginning similar to the first episode of season which aired last year. A raggedy-looking Walter White has returned to him home to find it completely fenced off and run down. It is apparent that no one has inhabited the house in quite some time. Leaf piles are everywhere, there is trash in the home, floor boards are ripped off and there is a big spray-painted ‘Heisenberg’ (Walt’s drug ego) on the walls.

The home is an image and life Walter tried to protect in his journey through the dark underworld of drugs only to have it taken away from him. When we last left this version of Walter he has just secured an assault rifle with plans to go to Mexico. When Walt returned home he simply reflected on the life he had and grabbed a familiar poison. What he plans to do with his newly acquired weapon and this poison is unknown.

Pan back to where we are currently in story and we continue where we left off in part one of season five. Hank on the toilet discovering that Walt, his brother-in law was the drug lord he has been searching for this whole time. All of the pieces are coming together and everything now clicks in Hank’s mind and the showdown truly begins.

Breaking Bad Final Season Premiere Photos Blood Money

The emotion behind Hank’s realization is truly believable. He takes it so hard that his own brother-in-law was the man he had been looking for a course of a year; that the whole time Heisenberg was living under his nose. Hank goes as far as pretending to be sick to work in private to make sure that and prove that his own brother-in-law could not be the drug lord he tracking. When Hank finds that it is true that Walter really is Heisenberg, it is up to Hank and Hank alone to plan his next move.

Walter is trying to have a legitimate life now searching for ways to explain the success of the car wash with his large pallet of money from his meth cooking days. He hopes to even repair what is left of his marriage and to return to a normal life before descending to his life as Heisenberg.

Jesse, Walter’s partner who was just in it for the fun has realized how dark and unforgiving the drug world can truly be. He is unsure what to do with the money when he left the business. Torn by the many people that have died in his ventures, Jesse does the only thing he can think of, get rid of the money. How does Jesse go about losing the money, tossing stacks of 100 dollar bills in a run-down neighborhood in hopes getting some good karma for his actions.

What really made this episode was the confrontation between Walter and Hank. The showdown many fans have been waiting for since Walter turned to cooking meth. Hank expresses his anger and disbelief that a member of his own family has down all these horrific things such as murder, robbery and drug-dealing. The best part of this overdue confrontation was Walter’s warning to Hank.

"If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly"

This line is vague enough to where it could be a threat yet at the same time can also be taken as an admission of guilt on his crimes.

This episode was a great way to show that this is the turning point where everything starts to come to an end. With only seven more episodes left in the series it will be one great ride to see the battle of Walter and Hank finally coming to head as well as how Walter got to where he is in the flash forwards of the season premiere episodes.

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