We finally have a glimpse at the new Breaking Bad movie! we've been hearing about it and the possibility of a film for years now, well it looks like it's officially happening. Get ready for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Being a HUGE FAN of Breaking Bad I can hardly wait! The new movie will be on Netflix Friday, October 11th 2019 (10-11-19). The new film will star Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman and Charles Baker as Skinny Pete and will be directed by Vince Gilligan!

The story will basically pick up were the series left off. Jesse escapes from his cell and the gang, goes on the run trying to stay alive and put his life back together again. Of course we're all wondering will there be any flashbacks or other scenes with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) I'm hoping so! "Say my name...Heisenberg...You're Goddamn right!"

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