A ways back, we were tickled by the notion that 'Breaking Bad' would be reborn as a Columbian TV series adapting the entire span of Walter White Blanco's tale, if only for a chance to see some of the series' best moments recreated in 'Metastasis.' And while the series itself has only recently had a proper debut, you can already see how absurdly all-out Univision has gone to recreate every single major 'Breaking Bad' moment.

'Metastasis' officially premiered in the U.S. (lacking English subtitles) on June 8 at 10:00 P.M. on Univision, Unimas, and Galavision, though you won't have to wait 5 seasons to see all the best 'Breaking Bad' bits recreated note for note. And while some aspects of the series needed a bit of translation (Walter and Jesse cook in a school bus, rather than less common R.V.'s; the Blancos have a fountain, not a pool), everything from the Cousins, to Gus, Gale, magnets, train heists, bathtub dissolves and a graffitied "JAISENBER" can be glimpsed in a new Univision preview.

For those unfamiliar with the officially-endorsed remake, actor Diego Trujillo (‘El Capo,’ ‘A Corazón Abierto’) takes over the role of Walter Blanco, with Roberto Urbina (‘Che: Part 1,’ ‘Correo de Inocentes’) playing Jose Miguel Rosas, the equivalent of Jesse Pinkman. Sandra Reyes portrays Ciela (Skyler) and Julián Arango plays Henry, counterpart Hank Schrader.

It's especially impressive to see how quickly 'Metastasis' manages to cover the entire canon on 'Breaking Bad' in the above trailer (despite some noticeably weaker FX), so take a look at the best recreated moments above, and stay tuned for more information on how to see 'Metastasis' for yourself!

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