We can't help our fascination with 'Breaking Bad''s Spanish-language remake 'Metastasis,' if not for its impressive reverence to the iconic moments of the original AMC series, then for its dedication to retelling the journey of Walter White from end to end. We've seen the comparisons, now watch the first two hours of 'Metastasis' for yourself right now!

For those unfamiliar with the officially-endorsed remake, actor Diego Trujillo (‘El Capo,’ ‘A Corazón Abierto’) takes over the role of Walter Blanco, with Roberto Urbina (‘Che: Part 1,’ ‘Correo de Inocentes’) playing Jose Miguel Rosas, the equivalent of Jesse Pinkman. Sandra Reyes portrays Ciela (Skyler) and Julián Arango plays Henry, counterpart to Hank Schrader.

The full premiere today became available on Hulu, the only asterisk of which sees that the streaming service has yet to make available a version with English captions. Still, both the first and second episodes of the season remain available to view without a Hulu Plus subscription, and you'd better believe they're every bit as bloody and bleak as the original AMC version.

Don't be surprised by a few adaptation requirements here and there (Walter and Jesse cook in a school bus, rather than less common R.V.’s; the Blancos have a fountain, not a pool), but take a look at the first two 'Metastasis' episodes above and below, and tell us in the comments if you think the remake measures up to the original!

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