Now, this is a shotgun wedding.

Police in Murfreesboro, Tenn. recently arrested a bride for firing a gun at her new husband. Fortunately for the groom, that whole "'til death do us part" business didn't come into play since the weapon was not loaded, but, geez, does that even matter? They were married for a shorter period of time than Anthony Scaramucci holds onto a job and his wife is pointing a gun at him. I have one word for these crazy kids: annulment.

The incident happened at a Clarion Inn motel, a few short hours after the lovebirds tied the knot. Kate Prichard, 25, was still in her gown when she pointed the 9 mm pistol at her hubby. When Prichard realized the gun wasn't loaded, she loaded a round and fired it into the air, sending witnesses scurrying.

Guess his friends were right: he's totally (pistol) whipped.

"After the incident, she went to the bathroom and disposed of the weapon hiding it in the bathroom," a police spokesman said. Wow, they've been married for two hours and she's already hiding things. Wait until he discovers she set up her own bank account.

Prichard was charged with aggravated domestic assault and spent the wedding night in jail, sending her standing in the White Trash Top 25 from unranked to top 5.

Police say both husband and wife were uncooperative and -- surprise, surprise -- had been drinking and arguing. Hard to believe, right?

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