It appears that Buc-ee's will eventually take the continent by storm. No longer a quiet polished gem of the Lone Star State, The Buc is expanding in every direction.

For years Okies have wondered when we would get our Buc-ee's. While there have been some hilarious pranks and April Fools shenanigans about Buc-ee's El Reno, Norman, Tulsa, etc... in the past, it's only a matter of time.

Buc-ee's just announced their quick list of the 10 newest locations to be built, and Oklahoma is wondering where ours will be built.

10 New Buc-ee's Locations

1. Luling, Texas

The little town of Luling (between San Antonio and Houston) was the first mega-Buc-ee's location in the world, but it hasn't lasted the test of time. When it was built, 35,000 square feet of gas station seemed gargantuan, but they've outgrown the space. The new Buc-ee's Luling will be just over twice as big at 75,000 sq ft.

2. Johnstown, Colorado

The Rocky Mountain State is getting its first Buc-ee's in early 2024. They're building out a 74,000 sq ft store as we speak, but it's not as close to the population center of Denver as you'd assume. It's closer to the still-large-but-smaller metro of Fort Collins.

3. Springfield, Missouri

While Kansas City and St. Louis are much bigger in size, Springfield is a tourist destination in the Show Me state. On the smaller side at 53,000 sq ft, Buc-ee's will be a fantastic stop for visitors making the pilgrimage to the massive Bass Pro headquarters store, Branson, and Steal-Your-Dollar City theme park.

4. Hillsboro, Texas

Just what the Dallas metro needs, another Buc-ee's... but they say to build where the people are. It's just South of DFW where I-35 East and West converge again.

5. Smith's Grove, Kentucky

Kentucky's second Buc-ee's location is going in outside of Bowling Green--home to not a whole lot... but it's on the route between Nashville and Louisville.

6. Boerne, Texas

The metro town of San Antonio is finally getting its Buc-ee's after years of waiting. The 54,000 sq ft store was in the works years ago, but the pandemic put a squash on those plans.

7. Huber Heights, Ohio

Given the web traffic and Google auto-fill, Ohio is pretty excited to be getting their first Buc-ee's. Located outside of Dayton, the Midwest will finally learn what brisket is.

8. Ocala, Florida

Oddly enough, Floridians are just as obsessed with Buc-ee's as Texans. The newest location to the Sunshine State will be along another highly-traveled highway between Orlando and Gainsville.

9. Fort Pierce, Florida

This one is going in along the Atlantic seaside between Daytona and Miami.

10. Anderson, South Carolina

South Carolina's second Buc-ee's location is being built just over the Georgia/SC border on the road between Greenville and Athens. While it seems Buc-ee's builds in the middle of nowhere, they've always got the traffic.


What about Oklahoma?

I think we need to have a serious heart-to-heart here... Oklahoma isn't getting a Buc-ee's, probably. While you can't rule it out, there's really no place to put one.

But I-40 is one of the highest-traveled roads in the country!

That is a fair and accurate point. I-40 is THE highway across America, but it's not one that families travel to get across the lower-48... It's the road truckers use to move our goods back and forth, and Buc-ee's has no interest in being a truck stop.

In fact, Buc-ee's is famous for chasing truckers out of the stores and off their lots.

All the same, if Oklahoma's plan for that huge new Disney-esque theme park follows through to completion, I'd expect a Buc-ee's to follow nearby. Again, probably not within the borders of Oklahoma, but likely just over the I-44 Missouri line since that old Texas-Oklahoma rivalry runs so deep.

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