While those fancy store-bought fire pits look nice, they're not built to last. Usually made out of really thin sheet metal with really poor quality paint, sure to rust out in a year or two. But making one yourself is really easy and really cheap if you know what you're looking for.

Take this one for instance. That's the stainless steel tub out of a washing machine. If you've looked around Facebook, people will almost pay you to take their junk washers away. Toss on some cheap legs, add a recycled grill grate, and you're in. Just know, the paint used in the video is made for hot temps. Regular spray paint won't stand up to heat like this. You can look for grill paint, exhaust paint, etc... You don't even need the welder. Just bolt it up and google 'peening' to circumvent the lock washers that would eventually fail in that heat.

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