Right on the heels of Elgin's Crawds-n-Rods and Medicine Park opening back up, Cache is getting in on the return to normalcy action with a city wide street dance event this Saturday, May 21st from 4pm to 11pm. They're calling it Summer In The Streets and it's sure to be a good kickoff to summer since most schools are releasing for summer break this Friday.

From the event page:

Summer in the Streets May 22nd 4-11pm We as a Chamber have heard our citizens pleas in hosting a STREET DANCE!! And what better time to host than the weekend that SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!

Looking at all of the detail, it looks like it'll be pretty similar to Lawton's Open Street or Ware On C events... Though I really hope more people show up for Summer in the Streets than they do for Ware On C. Seeing as we've all been cooped up and most events have been suspended for the last calendar year, I'd put money down that this will be a huge successful event for Cache.

They're planning music, dancing, booths, food, beverages, just about everything a person could ask for in a nearly-post-pandemic public event. If you're not comfortable returning to the wild yet, that's OK. There's still a lot of uncertainty going forward back towards normal these days, and if you're worried about the rona, don't feel obligated to attend. All the same, if you don't want to attend due to those concerns, don't be a Karen insisting that nobody else should go either. Vaccines have been out long enough that anybody that wants one has probably had it, and anybody who doesn't want a vaccine but wants to have a little public fun can make that decision on their own too. It's a good thing. Let's dance!

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