Though it's light on footage, the teaser trailer that debuted at New York Comic Con 2012 for the upcoming remake of 'Carrie,' starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, is pretty awesome. It showcases the wreckage from a Prom night gone bad that has left many dead and wounded.

This is a new adaptation of the Stephen King novel, which was filmed previously by Brian De Palma in 1976 with Sissy Spacek as the titular telekinetic Carrie, and with Piper Laurie as her controlling mother. Here those roles are played by Moretz and Moore, respectively. And though the original is a classic horror film, and deserves to be re-watched and appreciated, there are some okay reasons to remake that movie. One being that Moretz is currently fifteen, while Spacek was twenty eight when she starred in the role. But that also means it won't open with the same sort of soft-focus switcheroo where a girl's gym shower goes from a voyeur's paradise into a Carrie's nightmarish first period.

And age may not make much of a difference if director Kimberly Peirce doesn't nail the material, but in terms of advertising, they've got us interested. Peirce deserves some benefit of the doubt - she's gotten great nuanced performance before, like in her debut feature 'Boys Don't Cry.' 'Carrie' is due out March 15, 2013, and we hope it lives up to this trailer. (Below that you can watch the trailer for the 1976 original.)

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