News Bloopers for September 2020
It's another hilarious batch of news bloopers from September 2020 courtesy of YouTube channel News Be Funny. I always look forward to seeing these especially the big, mega montages like this one. It's a great collection from this past month's screw ups and on camera blunders.
The Fart That Derailed the City Council Meeting
I would certainly be more involved in local politics and the city government if more council meetings were like this one. If you've ever wondered to yourself "what would it take to completely derail a city council meeting" I have an answer for you, a fart.
Never Try To Eat a Live Octopus!
I love fresh seafood as much, if not more than the next guy but this is going too far! A woman in China accepted a viral challenge to eat a live octopus and stream the action live.

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