I would certainly be more involved in local politics and the city government if more council meetings were like this one. If you've ever wondered to yourself "what would it take to completely derail a city council meeting" I have an answer for you, a fart. Yep that's all it takes. Just one, maybe two farts and it will descend into total anarchy. So if you're looking to disrupt a meeting, any meeting all you have to do is fart and before you know it meeting's adjourned.

I've watched this video at least 3 or 4 times and it always makes me laugh. Sure farts are considered childish, immature potty humor, but no matter how old I get they're still funny. It's like instinct or something, when you hear it you must laugh. At least in my case anyway. Count yourself lucky if you've never accidentally let loose at the most inappropriate time. It's far more than an awkward social situation, it will scar you for life. Or in some cases like myself I find it funny and have been known to purposely loose control on occasion just for a laugh and to see people freak out or laugh along with me. Maybe I'm weird and my sense of humor warped but the fart game is always in play.

So next time you're in a meeting or some other engagement that you wish to either disrupt or disband keep in mind what we've learned here today. The fart is an incredibly power tool, but with great power comes great responsibility...

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