I'm sure by now you've either seen the current Covid-19 situation in Oklahoma, the numbers of new cases daily, the death count, and all that it entails... or you've wiped your mind of the coronavirus resurgence over the summer and not had an inclination to check in on it, but on a scale of 1 to 10, Oklahoma is sitting right at double-double with cheese.

Luckily, the Sooner State isn't the current #1 Covid-19 state in the nation, but we're definitely up on the list when you breakout the statistics. Some 30,000+ new cases in the last two weeks, it's spreading more than it did last year when we had all of our perceived freedoms taken away.

We all know the Covid-19 tents were a frightening thing to see early on in the pandemic. Fears were further eased when the majority of them luckily went unused. Comparing this second wave of so-named Delta to the first huge wave we had at the end of 2020, numbers aren't, on average, as high as they were and our medical professionals managed to overcome that hot mess.

All the same, even in cases where history has repeated itself, it doesn't always happen the same way. Often different methods are used to achieve a similar goal, or the playbook of events finds a change altogether, but how you choose to feel about overflow tents in our own hospitals parking lot is totally up to you. Glass half full? Half empty? Completely dry? One thing you can count on is, people will take to social media and argue the validity of this entire situation, and the biggest losers will be those who are forced to read through the comments.

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