You know Jill Wagner from ABC reality competition show 'Wipeout' — the game show that features contestants going splat on really large balls, among other obstacles. Any woman who can handle being around balls that large, that often is most certainly crush-worthy.

In addition to her stint on 'Wipeout,' Wagner served as spokesperson for Mercury from 2005-2011 and has had small roles and co-hosting gigs on a variety of shows, such as 'Blade: The Series,' 'Stargate Atlantis,' 'Bones,' 'Teen Wolf' and IGN's 'Inside the Vault.'

Wagner was one of many women rumored to be in the running for the feature film role of 'Wonder Woman,' but she has not yet landed the part…probably because no one in Hollywood has balls big enough to make a film about a female superhero.

Jill Wagner Combo
Jill Wagner 1

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