There's a new Senate bill (SB-1366) that would change and/or amend Oklahoma's firearm laws as it relates to the state's self-defense act and open carry. The new bill was written and introduced by Senator Lonnie Paxton (R-Tuttle, OK.) and seeks to make changes to the language of the self-defense act and the practice of concealed or open carry of firearms in the state. It specifically addresses the open carrying of rifles and the manner in which they must be carried. The bill passed the Senate subcommittee and will now be heading to the Senate floor for debate and consideration. So what is (SB-1366) and what changes will be made?

The new bill if passed would require any rifle carried openly in the state to be attached to a sling and that the rifle must be pointed in a safe position with the barrel/muzzle pointed down. Right now the current law doesn't specify the manner or condition that the rifle must be carried in. (SB-1366) would address this and clarify the proper and legal means a rifle has to be carried openly. Originally the bill stated the rifle had to be either on the back or on the shoulder. However, this has been changed due to the fact that the most common way people carry a rifle is across the chest with the barrel pointed down in the "low ready" position.

We can all thank Don Spencer of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association for working with Senator Paxon to make sure the language in the new bill reflected these changes. The new bill doesn't restrict or in any way prohibit the open carry of rifles or other firearms in the state all it does is require that rifles aren't carried in hand or in an unsafe manner. If the new bill is passed and it looks like it will, any person found guilty of not following the law can be charged with a misdemeanor and a fine up to $500.00. To read the entire bill and review (SB-1366) click here. We'll keep you posted on the bill's progress and any changes that may occur.

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