Oklahoma Legislators

Oklahoma to Defy Federal Vaccine Mandates
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and state legislators wasted no time firing back at President Biden's new Federal vaccine mandate. The new Federal mandate was announced yesterday (09-09-21) and will affect around 80 million plus Americans.
At Home Haircuts and Styling is Now Legal in Oklahoma
Oklahoma just passed a new law that allows cosmetologists and barbers the option to cut and style hair in customer's homes or at their own home. Senate Bill (SB 850) was passed by the House and senate, then approved and signed into law by Governor Kevin Stitt back in April of this year.
Is Oklahoma Doing Away With Sales Tax on Groceries?
The state of Oklahoma is considering doing away with the sales tax on groceries. At this time the Sooner State is only one of thirteen states that still puts a sales tax on groceries, it's around 4.5%. So most of the country isn't taxing people for grocery items, although some states still…
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Cap Insulin Costs for Diabetics
Good news if you, a family member or someone you know has diabetes the Oklahoma House of Representatives pass House Bill 1019 (HB 1019). The new bill would cap the cost or co-pay for insulin to around $1.00 a day, $30.00 a month. The bill also addresses equipment, supplies and even self-management t…
Oklahoma Arming Teachers?
Oklahoma public school districts may soon be able to decide if they want armed teachers in the classroom. Recently the Oklahoma House passed the The Special Reserve School Resource Officer Act by a (68-23) vote.