Lawton, Fort Sill has a brand new mural to admire that's ode to the Beatles. It's pretty impressive, check out "The Fab Four" on the side of Phillips Music Company 107 S.W. Sheridan Road right next door to Wayne's Drive in. It takes up most of the side of the building and is really something to see, especially up close. When we went to grab a quick picture there were already people standing around admiring it and taking photos. 

We have some truly talented and amazing artists in Lawton, Fort Sill. It's been awhile since I've driven around and counted how many murals there are in town, but there's a bunch of them. It seems every couple of months a new one pops up somewhere and more often than not better than the last one. We have all kinds of murals from sports figures, super heroes, famous actors, musicians, TV and movie characters and just about everything else. I'm a HUGE fan of these and always look forward to seeing new ones appear.

This latest masterpiece was done by Justin Hackney, the same artist who's been masterfully painting murals at the Vaska Theater. If its been awhile since you've been to the Vaska or traveled down Ferris stop by and check it out. It's located at 1902 NW Ferris Ave. It's another popular site for people to take photos and selfies with the murals. His latest work at Phillips Music Company is incredible. Big, bold and colorful. I like how Paul, John, Ringo and George are silhouetted in color like a black and white photo on a bright colored wall. It definitely stands out. It's perfect that it's on the wall at Phillips Music Company.

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