If you've never had the pleasure of attending the Watermelon Festival in Rush Springs, Oklahoma, you are missing out.

Rush Springs is renowned for producing some of the most delicious melons in the world, and some deep-pocket real estate just came up for sale in area.

When it comes to small-town life in the Sooner State, I think about my parent's hometown of Hollis. With the exception of a Sonic that was built and later failed, it hasn't changed a bit in the last thirty years.

The roads are still awful but everyone drives at a snail's pace anyway, the old men still sit around and drink coffee at the local shop, and real estate is as cheap as it ever was. I can still remember snickering when the topic of conversation was gossip about a friend who spent an astounding $70k on a home for his growing family.

...two-story home, full basement, 4500-ish square feet... It was a stellar deal even fifteen years ago...

I'm sure this Rush Springs bed & breakfast will make the local gossip rounds too.

With seven bedrooms, seven and a half baths, and a few event spaces, it could honestly land anywhere on the spectrum somewhere between a luxury home or a commercial property. At $800k, expectations should be high, but I'm sure as you look through the photos, someone put a lot of work into it.

Check Out This B&B For Sale In Rush Springs

Depending on where you live, when someone mentions "Rush Springs," you probably have one of two thoughts...

A. I love Rush Springs watermelons!
B. Where is Rush Springs?

If you're not familiar, it's a quiet little rural town of less than 1000 people in Southwest Oklahoma that swells to over 30,000 during their annual Watermelon Festival each year. As you could imagine, there are very limited options for housing and hotels in a town so small, but bed and breakfasts are apparently popular enough to garner an asking price of $800,000.

Looking at the pictures, it's exactly what most people would imagine a B&B to look like in rural America, and likely an inspiration to even more when it comes to design details for your next kitchen remodel. Honestly, even though it's in the middle of nowhere, it's impressive.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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