The season may have ended for this year, but the racing traditions continue.  Lawton Speedway has been the home of dirt track racing in Southwest Oklahoma for over 50 years.  Lanny and Beverly Edwards, track promoters for the Lawton Speedway until their passing instilled that love that they had for the sport into their children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren.

I know that I've written before about how racing is a family affair.  My son-in-law is a racer, just like his daddy was back in the day, and my dad and brother both raced at the Lawton Speedway.  Many racers would have similar stories.  There is just something about spending your Saturday night with family and friends at the track and throwing a little mud!

Saturday night, September 24 was the final night for the 2022 season at the Lawton.  Winter Nationals.  In some ways, the final night makes me sad, knowing that many racers will be backing their car into the garage until next March. But Saturday night there was something special that happened, that as a mom, made me both super excited and scared at the same time.


Thirteen-year-old Parker Ezell made his 2nd racing debut at the Lawton Speedway!  In his dad's  305 sprint car.  Kyle Ezell, grandson of Lanny Edwards, and son of Marcy Edwards Davis grew up at the track himself. He was a track champion sprint driver and now works the track just like his Mom and Grandpa have done for so many years.  Knowing the family as I do, I know that they were so proud, to first have Parker in his dad's car, and secondly to have him racing at his great-granddad's favorite place on earth, the Lawton Speedway. I said 2nd debut because seven years ago, when he was only 6 years old, Parker made some exhibition laps in his mini spring cart in front of the Lawton Speedway crowd.  I was lucky enough to interview him on the front straightaway that night.


In the words of Parker's Mom Rachel,

I’m so darn proud of him! He held his line, he finished all 20 laps, he didn’t wreck anybody, and his car was put into the trailer in one piece.

Racing is a Family Tradition

Racing is a family sport, no doubt about it. and with Parker Ezell taking the wheel of the 10K, it looks to continue to be a family affair at the Lawton Speedway for years to come!

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