If animated GIFs are the cherry on top of our daily internet sundae, Chuck Norris is the fudge. These cherries and fudge are unrelated to the actual cherries and fudge that top our real daily sundaes which we like to enjoy in our large conference room covered ceiling to floor in plastic tarps. Caramel can get messy!

Back to animated GIFs, they often say the things people just can’t like: “obese people falling is never not hilarious,” “cats are cwazy” and “good Lord I’d love to deliver a Norris-style punch to your lips right now.”

If every picture tells a story, then this animated GIF of a Chuck Norris punch on loop tells a trilogy, ties it all up with a rock solid conclusion and adds a reflective epilogue.

We’d continue on about the magic of Chuck but OUR SUNDAES JUST ARRIVED. Squeal! Oh man, whipped cream bar. Double tarp today.

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