We've all heard, rinsed, and repeated just about every Chuck Norris joke out there. It's a simple thing of beauty. Like when Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, he had three missed calls from Chuck Norris. Or 'there are no roads names Chuck Norris, for nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives.'

We've all slowly become slightly immune to the Chuck Norris joke... and that should upset the what people now refer to as "The Legend"... but I don't buy it. I found a scrupulous ten hour long video of Chuck staring at you. I'm pretty sure I can take 'Ol Chuck in a contest of the gaze... I'm five hours in, and Chuck Norris has yet to show up and bash my head against my keyasd;ho;awerhl;aerg[aw0gjiopwrasrgjhfvb,zsberlawes

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