Starting today (08-16-21) the City of Lawton is requiring social distancing at all city owned and managed buildings. Week before last they announced that they would be requiring face masks for all city employees and the general public while indoors at any city property. Most, if not all of the city's COVID-19 policies have been reinstated due to the recent increase of cases, hospitalizations and Delta variant infections.

You'll now be required to wear a face mask and observe social distancing at all city owned and/or managed facilities and proprieties where city employees work, or conduct business with the general public. Make sure you mask up before entering and give yourself at least 6 feet of distance between you and others. Occupancy limits may also be used to make sure social distancing can be accomplished.

Over the past couple of days more and more events and community happenings have been postponed or cancelled including the Moonlight Walk Against Drugs, International Festival, Opens Streets and several others. The surge we're seeing in S.W. Oklahoma is pretty bad. Hopefully things will improve and the current COVID-19 numbers start to slow, or drop off. In the meantime local and state governments have reissued their COVID-19 polices and protocols. A lot of businesses are doing the same.

We were just starting to get back to somewhat "normal" and now the dreaded second, maybe the third wave of the virus is wreaking havoc across the state and entire country. I think most people predicted this and predicted that we'd see a return of masks, social distancing and other practices that became common place throughout the pandemic. I still doubt a shutdown will happen, but "recommended" will soon become "required" when it comes to masks and social distancing for most places.

See the official press release form the City of Lawton below:

City of Lawton
City of Lawton

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