An artistic rain barrel auction will be held on Dec. 15 in the new city hall at the downstairs banquet room.

These rain barrels are created by local artists and one of these barrels was created by Muriel Fahrion, the creator of Strawberry Shortcake.

Cam Huynh, Vector Control Technician for the City of Lawton Stormwater Division explained that rain barrels are used to collect rain water from roof and yard runoff.

“One of the major advantages of this is it’s free water and it is good for times like right now when we have water restrictions and during drought,” Huynh said. “You have water you could use to water your plants or wash your car and it also saves energy by decreasing the demand for tap water.”

Huynh states that rain barrels help reduce runoff, which flows into the city creeks and lakes and is the number one cause of water pollution.

According to the National Geographic a half-inch rain can typically fill up a 50 to 55 gallon rain barrel. Rain barrels also provide a free water source for irrigation and ease reliance on the city's water supply.

Jeremy Russell, Storm Water Inspector for the City of Lawton states that since we are also in level two water restrictions the barrels can save money.

“Not having the rain in Oklahoma is actually the best reason to have a rain barrel,” Russell said. “If you collect that rain water off your house when we do come to times like this you’ll have some to water your gardens.”

All the proceeds that are made from the auction will go to the artist and Huynh states that many local artists, schools and organizations have entered these barrels to help promote awareness of rain barrels.

“These barrels have heart, because local artist actually sat down and took the time decorate them,” Huynh said.

The auction will start at 3 p.m., and will be open to public.

The barrels are currently displayed in various locations in Lawton such as the Old City Hall, The Museum and the Lawton Public Library. These barrels will be on display at these locations until the day of the auction.

For more information on the auction and how to get there go to or call the Stormwater Management Offices at 581.3478.

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