Better water flow and cleaner water will be coming to Tillman County.

Comanche Nation Entertainment and the Comanche Nation Tribe made a massive donation to help out residents and businesses of Tillman County. The goal is to replace six to eight miles of old outdated water lines in the area. With the new lines, you can expect a better water flow of 200 gallons per minute. The old system could only handle 120 gallons per minute.

The water station in the county will also be upgraded to monitor the water toxin and chemical levels. Tillman County Rural Water is working with the Comanche Nation to make this all possible for the area. The two companies donated $828,000 for the upgrades in addition to staff time for the project management.

“All of these upgrades help provide healthy and clean water to the county, quicker than it could before,” Comanche Nation Capital Improvement Director Louie McCarthy told KFDX. “Residents will also have better fire suppression capabilities at their homes and businesses, meaning water from the fire hydrants can be delivered faster and in higher quantities to combat fires.”

Comanche Nation Entertainment operates two of its most popular properties outside Devol. Comanche Red River Hotel & Casino and a Comanche Nation Travel Plaza. So good news to everyone in Tillman County. Better water is always a good improvement for your community.

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