As many of you many know, my husband and I moved to my Mom's old house in the fall of last year.  Renovating during a pandemic had it's challenges from shortages of supplies, to quarantining of our renovation team, to delays of inspections.  Thankfully that is all behind us now, but we have a garage full of stuff that still needs to be organized, gone through, or just disposed of!

January is Get Organized Month, so last weekend, James and I started with one room of the house.  Our goal was to get just one room completely finished, from top to bottom.

When we moved into the house, we had this crazy idea that we needed to switch the sides of the bed that we had been sleeping on.  This way we wouldn't wake each other up if we had to get up in the middle of the night.  Epic fail!  We changed back after only 2 nights! However, we had already put our dressers on the side of the bed that we chose and it's been such a pain ever since.

This weekend, we switched those dressers, put up most of our decor (just imagine a sanctuary, a refuge, your own fortress of solitude with zero decorations...that was our room!), and even bought a new piece to complete the room. Finally, that room is finished!

Master Bedroom

Now on to the rest of the house.  Our kitchen table is a catch-all for everything that we don't want to put away right at this moment.  At this moment, there is a box from Amazon that I haven't opened, because I already know what's in there, 7 yards of upholstery material that I had to wash because it was in our old garage, 4 Christmas pillows waiting to be boxed up, mail and magazines and 2 cases of trash bags. I need help!

I was looking online to find some shortcuts to getting my house organized and found the coolest 30 day De-clutter Challenge! It's set up in grid form with 30 different things to work on to get your home in shape.  The website said they didn't number the grid so you could work out of order to prioritize what needed to be tackled first or depending on how much time you have to work on any given day.  I think I'll tackle it like a bingo board!  Just start diagonally down the board! Some items that you can choose from are: Your clothes, Fill a bag today (donate), junk drawer, cars, computer files, but there are so many more, 30 total.  I think this will be goal for the month of January, I'll have to double up to get them done in time.  Who wants to join me in a clutter free world?


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