This video doesn't just deserve an A+, it deserves a diploma straight into the hands of its creator. Screw the rest of this dude's curriculum -- this wins college.

Metal musician Joseph Butler was given the task to complete a project on atrial fibrillation and stroke caused by blood clots, so the subject matter just begs to be turned into a ripping metal masterpiece. In the vein of metal heavyweights such as Carcass and Necrophagist, biological brutality is covered spectacularly in Butler's class project, which he apparently got "really great marks" for.

And deservedly so. After watching Butler's video, we've actually retained information about cerebral infarction, hypoxia of brain cells, abnormal electrical signals and stuff like that! Better yet, Butler is a fierce guitar player, shredding some very impressive solos during the track's bridge. He even threw in some pig squeals for good measure.

If you want to learn more about atrial fibrillation or just get your metal fix of the day, check out the awesome edu-tainment featured in the video above. [via MetalSucks]

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