Perhaps this time around, we will let "our hero" Godzilla get some actual rest before dispatching him to battle the world's other major MUTOs? Is that too much to ask? We've known for months that Legendary is eager to stay in the 'Godzilla' business after the success of this summer's awesome Gareth Edwards' film -- after all, they did announce a sequel to the film within days of it hitting the big screen -- but there have been plenty of lingering questions as to when that would happen and who (or what) we could expect to see in the next feature.

Team Legendary hit the stage at Comic-Con this afternoon to clear up a few things and make it plain that 'Godzilla 2' is going to be even bigger and badder than the first one. Edwards was not physically present at the panel, but he did pop up in a video message aimed at keeping expectations quite high.

First off, Edwards will indeed be back to direct this second 'Godzilla' feature -- but we'll have to wait until he finishes up a little thing called a 'Star Wars' spin-off (and, no, we still don't know which one the director will be tackling). Beyond that, Edwards was eager to reveal which monsters we're going to meet in the follow-up, before being amusingly bleeped out when he shared actual classic MUTO monikers.

No bother, though, as Legendary then rolled out a teaser that clearly shows who we're going to see next time around, tantalizingly starting off with the proclamation that "there are others." But who?! How about Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah? Caught your breath yet?

The new teaser is heavy on the retro-styled military footage (hinting that we're due for a bunch of new backstory), but it still packs silhouettes of each of the monsters. It ends with a familiar demand via title card: "Conflict: Inevitable. Let them fight." Oh, we will.

An official release date and title has not yet been announced for 'Godzilla 2.'

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