I was all looking forward to seeing Godzilla Vs. Kong this November, but once again the release date has been pushed back by the studio. Originally it was going to be out in March of this year, then it was moved to November 20th and now it's been moved to all the way to May 21st 2021. We can all thank the COVID-19 pandemic for this.

Kelso and I were just talking about it and how I can't wait to see it. Plans were being made and finalized for just how we'd watch it. We were hoping to see it in the theater and the back up plan was "On Demand" because there's no telling when the theaters will be re-opened. Then I uncovered the sad news that it was being delayed yet again, damn it! I can understand why Warner Bros. is doing this and it's definitely something I'd want to see in IMAX so I get it. This will be a true Summer blockbuster. I just hate that I have to wait until May 2021.

The new film will pick up right where Godzilla King of the Monsters left off. Godzilla and the rest of the titans are heading to Skull Island, the home of King Kong. We're all anxiously awaiting the showdown, seeing these two heavy weights go toe to toe in a epic battle that's sure to change the Monster Verse forever.

I just re-watched King Kong Vs. Godzilla a few days ago. It's streaming free on Amazon Prime Video right now. If you're a fan of the old Toho films and Kaiju you'll love it. No spoilers here I won't ruin it for you if you've never seen it, and if you haven't check it out. Keep in mind it was made in 1962 so the special effects are dated along with everything else. Even so I just love these old Godzilla movies. I grew up watching them on Saturday night "Creature Features." So new or old Godzilla movies, I'm a fan of them all.

If you hit play on the trailer I'm sure like me you're entirely too damn excited for the new movie. It looks like we'll be seeing Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra, maybe Rodan and holy crap...MECHAGODZILLA! I wonder if we've really seen the end of King Ghidorah, or if he makes an appearance as well. One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of titans and lots of giant creatures fighting and destroying everything in their path. What's not to love?

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