It's been a good while since the various 'Community' controversies have reared their ugly heads, from Dan Harmon's exit to the war of words and fellow exit of series star Chevy Chase. Ratings have been largely steady, if disappointing for 'Community's fourth season, but while fans wait for news of a renewal, what does series star Joel McHale have to say of the real reasons Chevy Chase left the series? Find out the latest on 'Community' inside!

We've known for some time that Chevy Chase wouldn't return to 'Community' if NBC grants the cult comedy a fifth season, Chase's departure occurring somewhere among the final episodes of the current season. Yet even with the controversy largely behind them, Larry King got series star Joel McHale to open up about the departure of the 'SNL' vet, and the frequently (and sarcastically) "fun" set Chase's actions often led to.

"He did not like the hours, and he kept saying he didn't like the writing," McHale shared, emphasizing that the schedule was Chase's most frequent gripe. Even with the public tirades and "the incident" of Chase making a racist remark on set, McHale insists that the two still remain on good terms, much like their respective characters in the most recent episode. "It's like a party," McHale joked, "with unhappy people."

You can check out the interview for yourself below, and stay tuned for news of 'Community's future! Do you think the series will be better off without Chevy Chase?

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