For as much excitement for 'Community' season 5 reverberates through Comic-Con 2013, this year moving to Hall H for series creator Dan Harmon's return, fans of the quirky NBC comedy remain wary of 'Community''s final days. Chevy Chase has long since said his goodbyes, with Donald Glover seemingly on his way out as well, so what does Harmon have to say about his once and future stars?

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Harmon maintained his usual candor in describing the working relationship with Chase, even as the conflicts came to inform jokes on the show.

[Chevy is] a befuddled old man, but he's also the guy who calls you to his trailer and shakes the script in the air and says: 'I'm not a befuddled old man! I'm sexy! I could be the star of this show! I'm not gay. You're writing me as if I'm gay.

I'd say to him, 'Do you understand that what you're saying is funny and it makes an interesting character?' He would kind of blink and stare at me and go, 'Whatever, I just don't think it's funny.'

Surprisingly, Chase had his own friendly comments on working with Harmon, and even joked about the possibility of returning to the show in some capacity. "Dan and I are friends again," says Chase. "He's brilliant and can be very funny. The reason I wanted to do the show in the first place was Dan's writing. And I stand by that. But I have to go now, I'm very busy writing Community's Ice Capades Extravaganza."

We'll hear what Harmon and the cast have to say from Comic-Con 2013, even though the NBC comedy has no official 2013-14 premiere scheduled, but what say you? Do you think Harmon and Chase might patch things enough to the point of returning Pierce to the fold?

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