Some guys are blessed with a natural sense of style. They choose the right look effortlessly, turn ladies’ heads and get other dudes to subconsciously copy their looks. These guys actually understand what matches what without having to pull out a color chart and a protractor.

We are not those guys. We sort of hate them, out of sheer envy. But now that we’ve discovered the free Cool Guy app, which works as a sort of fashion crutch in order to keep us from leaving the house looking like tools, we’ll go ahead and downgrade the sort of hate to mild disdain.

Once you manage to overcome the colossal barrier to entry — you’ll have to take pictures of all pieces of clothing and accessories you plan on wearing — the app is useful at letting you simulate the way clothes will look on you without you having to try them on like some sort of romantic comedy makeover montage.

Cool Guy lets you set up a virtual closet and mix and match the looks you can create with the stuff you’ve got. You can also hit the “inspiration” button for suggestions on stuff you’ll need to look better in the office, hanging out casually or at formal events. There’s also a “mall” link to a virtual storefront that lets you browse through clothes without having to venture outside.

There’s an optional calendar you can buy for $1.99, presumably to keep track of what you wore when so you don’t repeat yourself too often, but the app works fine without it.

Since the normal extent of our fashion planning involves moping back to our closets after our ladies tell us we don’t look presentable, Cool Guy is a definite upgrade.

7 out of 10 rating

Cool Guy (free), available on iOS platforms, was published by DDN Media, Inc. We used the app for two hours.

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