Welcome to the porch of a nice lady living in suburban Detroit. If you'd paid any attention to the news about Detroit over the last forty years, you'll know why she has a camera overlooking her front stoop and doorway. It just so happens that it also overlooks the intersection on the corner her property resides. From the looks of it, while it's not the busiest street in the city, it gets plenty of traffic through there, and that's what we're looking at today.

A few seconds into this video, you'll see a silver SUV run that stop sign across the street. In Oklahoma, we call that the California Rolling Stop... But that driver failed to notice the oncoming traffic. Understandable I suppose, but crossing one-way streets is supposed to be easier as you're only looking in one direction. That driver didn't get the memo.

As they continued into the intersection, a humble little Honda Civic manages to t-bone that silver SUV in the most spectacular way. Both cars lock up and the drivers step out to assess damage, sort of.

The driver of the SUV is an officer with the Michigan State Police... Think OHP, but instead of being called 'Trooper,' they're called 'Staties.' Upon recovering from the jolt, that officer hops out and draws their sidearm on the young man in the civic. Instantly put to the ground, cuff him and stuff him. Odd right?

That officer, whose identity is somehow being classified, caused this accident then tried to cover it up by arresting the victim. Luckily, that nice honest lady with the porch camera came forward to clear the air as it were.

All that being said, I think it's important to say, even though they get a bad rap overall, you can't judge all police officers from the actions of a few virally famous bad apples. Honestly, I know a ton of cops that are cool as can be. Some like to give tickets, some don't. To tell you the truth, cops are like a box of chocolates... They'll kill the family dog.

Invest in a dashcam. It could keep you out of a scam like this.

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