As most of us geared up to enjoy a Super Bowl Sunday this past weekend, I'm sure more than a few of us passed the lulling times browsing TikTok.

As I was scrolling through Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce stuff, Gwen Stefani attempting to sing the old No Doubt classics, and Lady Gaga's hilarious halftime show memes, I stumbled onto a short TikTok describing huge news that Buc-ee's is about to get a real challenger.



Initially, I didn't even notice Buc-ee's was spelled incorrectly because the slide switched pretty quickly to include an added layer of depth to the story.


Now with an additional day to reflect on this, giving me plenty of time to Google around to find more on what could be a huge story, but no matter how I phrase the question, nothing comes up.

Turns out, this isn't the first time TikTok user @DylanBickel has spread less-than-truthful information across the platform. He was the brains behind this Chuck-E-Cheese prank recently.


The Costco/Buc-ee's thing is also just a prank. Even though Costco recently beat out Buc-ee's as the "Best Gas Station in America" overall, there's really no actual competition going on as they both occupy different spaces in the sales industry.

The response.

Like we all exude in normal human behavior, people don't like being tricked. The comments on TikTok are full of people spreading their displeasure, but I see it a little differently.

After all, you know not to trust anything you see or hear on the internet. No reason to be upset when you fall for someone's harmless pranks.

For all intents and purposes, keep this in mind the next time someone starts talking about Buc-ee's finally coming to Oklahoma. It ain't going to happen.

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