Oklahoma is full of oddities and strange locales, that's one of the Sooner State quirks that sort of what makes this state unknowingly awesome. Be it the rooftop winter time igloo dining, every towns crybaby bridge, the magnetic hill, the haunted graveyard between Duncan and Comanche, or this new place to explore.

Just South of the small two-lane highway that runs through Pawhuska, you'll find a little waterway dubbed Bird Creek and a foot bridge built in 1926 that everyone refers to as The Swinging Bridge. Obviously it's called that because when you traverse the ancient structure, it wobbles and wiggles underfoot giving any person brave enough to so quite the adrenaline rush.

I know, I know... You're probably thinking "Well that doesn't look so bad" and you'd most likely be correct. The chainlink fencing was added in the 1970's for safety, and the footpath of wood is regularly maintained, so the odds of you falling off this little bridge are slim, but they're never 0%. Most people that take the detour to experience it are gifted a sense of accomplishment from themselves, and Pawhuska is a pretty cool super old town to spend a day in.

There's a nature reserve called the Tallgrass Prairie where you can actually see roaming herds of bison. I know you think you've seen the bison in our own refuge, but to see thousands take flight together is something completely alien to what you think it's like. That's pretty cool. The whole Pioneer Woman Mercantile experience is there too. Your old lady will be familiar with, but it's interesting to see from our genders perspective also. The restaurant there is pretty stellar too, but there is a slight hindrance at the moment. One of Hollywood's greatest movie-makers and a few of the stars are currently held up there shooting a movie. The streets are covered in dirt, there are detours everywhere, and the local police aren't messing around with anyone not wanting to follow the rules while the town benefits from what those so-called "elites" have to offer at the moment. Still, it's worth the drive.

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