Oklahoma has made the national news for the first time since Joe Exotic swept the nation, and it is again for something less-than-stellar. We're number one in new coronavirus cases by percentage. Since May 30th, we've seen the rona grow nearly 500% in the last 25 days, granted, we won't have data on today until tomorrow, but you get the gist. What's worse is, like most politically red states, we're officially a coronavirus hot spot in the nation.

Why is that?

Because someone is convincing people coronavirus is some political hoax. Like it's a myth being driven by them librals just to tarnish the legacy of our Commander and Cheeto... but it's not. It's a real thing, it's spreading like wildfire, and people think that's a good thing. For whatever reason, people are assuming it's something you get once, but as we head into month four of pandemic, we're learning that people are being diagnosed with their second round of it. Though in all fairness, it's not clear if recovered people are relapsing or actually contracting it a second time. Still, it's growing around the state and there's a 50/50 on whether herd immunity will help.


Don't get me wrong, I understand. Quarantining ourselves was brutal. Social distancing is hard for some. I'm kind of enjoying it to be fully honest, but I see where people have a problem with it. I also agree that we can't just wait around until science finds a treatment, cure, or vaccine. We just can't. And I'm a through and through libertarian that think people should be responsible for themselves, but then I see hoards of people walking through Walmart not wearing masks knowing science has discovered the rona is quasi-airborne. Not to say it lives in the air around us, but it is contains in the humid breath we all breathe around each other. That's probably why smoking and vaping is banned in casinos... if you can't see it, it's not a problem right?

If it's comforting, we're not alone in this. Texas is seeing a Covid uprising for themselves. Houston is on the brink of running out of ICU beds, Dallas is getting a clap-back from their protests recently. I understand that wearing a mask is uncomfortable, but you might consider strapping one on. It's for your own health.

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