The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has approved the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination for children ages 12 and up. With all the Federal approvals met the OSDH (Oklahoma State Department of Health) has green lighted county health departments across the state to start offering the vaccine to anyone 12 years of age and older immediately. If you have children and want to get them vaccinated you can stop by the Comanche County Health Department located at 1010 S.W. Sheridan Road. You can also go to one of their pop-up clinics or drive thru vaccination events. Visit the CCHD official Facebook page often to stay up to date with all the places you can go to get your kids vaccinated. 

I know as a parent you probably have questions and concerns about doing this, however getting your child 12 and older vaccinated is the best way to keep them from not only getting COVID-19 but help them get back to being a kid. Fully vaccinated children will no longer have to self-quarantine if exposed to COVID-19. That means your kids will be able enjoy more of their favorite Summer activities like sports, Summer camps, youth programs, Summer education and recreation programs, organized community events and even neighborhood get to togethers with their friends and family.

The state COVID-19 portal has been updated so that you can schedule a vaccination for your child. Visit the official site to fill out the form and make an appointment, or you can always stop by a walk-in clinic, or visit the CCHD. You'll need to be present to give permission and or consent. If another adult is bringing your child for a vacation you can send a signed note for consent. If for some reason you're unable to attend and no other adult is present with the child they must have an approved consent form filled out and signed by the parent in order to get vaccinated. You can get the forms at CCHD or visit the portal to download and print.

The CCHD will also be visiting local middle schools this Monday, May 17th (05-17-21) to give vaccinations. You can get them signed up at the portal, download and print the consent form, fill it out and have them bring it with them on Monday for their vaccination. Get all the information and details from the official Oklahoma State Department of Health press release below:

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