So you're lonely and allergic to cats and dogs... What then? Get yourself a 'possum. Apparently, they make legit pets who, if you believe that DoDo page on facebook, make loving pets that snack on ticks in your back yard. Also, they won't eat your face off while you sleep, probably.

It wouldn't be the first time I saw a pet that's both domestic and exotic. I dated a girl in high school that had a pet racoon. It loved her, but it was a mean SOB to anyone else. I also have a friend that has a pet bobcat. Even though it's a perfect little killing machine, it acts more like a big dumb dog. Plays fetch and everything. Still, could easily eat his face off at will.

If you find yourself to be a little lonely, before you go adopting your own little killer of an exotic pet, here's this...


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