It seems like cats have taken over the Internet entirely. You can't turn on your computer or unlock your smartphone without seeing a cat dancing or playing some musical instrument or bullying a dog 10 times its size. But this is not a new phenomenon. Cat cuteness has been an integral part of human civilization for thousands of years.

Today's video is not thousands of years old, but it does come to us from a time before the mass proliferation of the Internet. This cartoon ran as a short during the day on the popular children's network, Nickelodeon. It stars Squeak and Scratch, two cats who can't help but get in each other's way.

The black cat seems to be a bit mean-spirited. It yanks at the yarn the blue cat is playing with, sending the clueless feline flipping over. Then the black cat hits the switch on the toaster, launching the blue cat into the air. But the blue cat unintentionally serves up a little justice of its own, pouncing on the TV remote while the black cat tries to nap on the TV set. By the end, though, all seems to be forgiven and forgotten when they fall asleep, tangled together in a pile of insane cuteness on the floor.

The two cartoon cats, Squeak and Scratch, were created by cartoonist Peg McClure. If you like the video, there are plenty more bouncing around the Web. McClure is still working as an artist. More of her work is on display on her website, and she posts her art on her professional Facebook page.

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