The first time a kid is allowed to dress himself can be a decisive moment in his life. Such seems to be the case with 'The Day My Kid Went Punk,' an ABC Afterschool Special made by people who must have seen a picture of some "punk rockers" in a magazine, got scared that their kids would start dressing like "punks" and then made a movie about it.

We say "punks" because no one in this film seems to really understand what being a punk actually means. Terry, who's shown at the start of the video putting on his mom's jewelry and makeup along with some new clothes he ruined with scissors, is the film's cluless protagonist. He decides to give himself a makeover on the first day of his new job as a children's counselor.

Ultimately, this film is about societal acceptance of people with no fashion sense, but it really should be an educational video on what to avoid on your first day at a new job.

Then again, maybe this is how all punks started out. They were all once innocent, dewy-eyed little cherubs who just wanted to dress a little differently. The dirty, torn, bruised aesthetic we associate with punks today probably came from the severe beatings these kids suffered when they went out into public dressed like our hero here.

Terry was either very lucky or very unlucky, depending on which point of view you're approaching from. While he had to endure the prejudices of his whitebread community, he never endured the painful ostracization suffered by so many others. So he either grew out of his "punk phase," or he continued the rest of his life spraying red hair dye from a can onto his thinning pate. One thing's for sure, he never ran into these people:

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