Following Mark Cuban’s controversial announcement that he would no longer play the National Anthem prior to Dallas Mavericks games, the Dallas Stars felt the need to release their own statement regarding the Anthem.

The team took to Twitter to say:

The playing of the national anthem is a time-honored tradition and the Dallas Stars will continue to perform the Star-Spangled Banner prior to our games at American Airlines Center. As the only National Hockey League team in Texas, we are proud to represent our state and our country.

Cuban faced a ton of backlash following the announcement, as you might expect. Personally, as a Mavs fan, I couldn’t believe he was willing to make a whole lot of people hate our team. As a patriot and veteran, I was really disappointed that someone I admire doesn’t share the same amount of pride in our country that I do.

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It’s important to point out that “The Star-Spangled Banner” hasn’t been played prior to Mavericks games all season long. Fans haven’t been allowed at Mavs games this year and it isn't broadcast on TV, so it wasn’t brought into light until The Athletic’s Tim Cato asked about it.

However, Cuban has since reversed course after the NBA issued a statement saying all teams will be playing the Anthem in keeping with league policy.

The Mavericks are at home against the Atlanta Hawks tonight. The game will be broadcast on ESPN, with tipoff set for 6:30.

Hopefully, we can just enjoy a politics-free night of basketball that ends with a Mavs win.

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