Marcus Morris is trying to come off as a saint, believe me. This dude has a reputation in the NBA.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the NBA bubble. Allow me to give you a quick catch up. Mavericks are currently taking on the Clippers in the series. Mavericks guard Luka Doncic left game three of the series with an ankle injury. He came back in the fourth quarter of that game, but came out shortly after going back in. Game four happens a few days and Luka lit it up.

Luke had a triple double, 43 points, 17 rebounds, and 13 assists. He also hit a buzzer beater three in overtime to end the game and give the Mavericks the win, tying the series at 2-2. Game five was last night and it was a big one. Sadly, the Mavericks got blown out, but everyone is talking about one moment in the third quarter. The Clippers are up by 29 and Marcus Morris steps on Luka's injured ankle.

This isn't like the heat of the moment situation. The Mavericks are inbounding the ball and to me it looks like he clearly went over there to do this. He steps on the back of his ankle and he definitely put some pressure since Luka's shoe comes off. The video is above so you can see for yourself.

After the game, Marcus is saying he didn't do that intentionally. You can also see his tweet above. "To think I would try to injure somebody is crazy to me. 10 years going against the best. I stand on morals and hard work, " said Marcus. Really, Marcus? Really? Let's not act like you're a model NBA player that plays the game the right way.

Below I will put just a FEW of the instances of Marcus Morris 'not trying to injure' other NBA players below. Yeah, I'm aware this is not like the NBA of the 80s or 90s where legit fights are breaking out, but Marcus is clearly one of those players that loves to start things.

I'm just mad because to me it looks like he clearly went out of his way to do this. If they were driving for the hoop or a fight over a rebound, then this happened. I think he has an excuse. It was an in-bounds pass, in a blowout, and you just so happened to step on the injured ankle. Yeah...sure.


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