While System of a Down seem content to play tour dates for the time being, Daron Malakian reactivated Scars on Broadway this past year and it appears that he has more planned from his band in the coming year.

Malakian posted a new video to Scars on Broadway's social media in which he comments, "Dictator was only the beginning. More to come in 2019." The video itself finds Malakian hard at work in the studio, belting out lyrics (and fretting a bit over having too many words), while also unleashing an epic scream. Watch below.

It took Malakian a decade to release Scars on Broadway's second effort, though he admitted last year that he had held his music back given the potential for System of a Down's recording return. When creative sessions for a potential System album led to differences of opinion and no new release, Malakian decided the time was right to unleash Scars' next album.

With Malakian back in the studio, it looks like it will be a quicker return for the third Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway collection.

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