System of a Down are known for their lyrics that make you do a double take and ask, "Wait, what did he just say?" "Toxicity" contains perhaps one of their most confusing moments, during which Serj Tankian randomly sings, "Eating seeds as a pastime activity. The toxicity of our city, of our city." What does that even mean?

During a Reddit AMA in 2015, drummer John Dolmayan responded to a fan who asked what his favorite type of sunflower seed is, saying "I don't like sunflower seeds." It added a hilarious twist to the lyric, with those aware of the line finding it funny that a member of the band doesn't actually like seeds.

Now, in a new podcast interview with Metal Injection, guitarist Daron Malakian was also asked whether or not he enjoys eating sunflower seeds. "I do, I do," he confidently responded. "My family gets them raw - and a lot of Armenians do this - they buy the sunflower seeds raw and they cook them; they roast them. It's delicious. It's way better than anything you can buy at the convenience store. It's fresh and they're warm. They're amazing. You can't stop eating them."

So, what we learned here is that we can add sunflower seeds to the list of things that the members of System of a Down disagree on. We still don't know how Tankian and bassist Shavo Odadjian feel about the delicacy. You can listen to Metal Injection's full interview with Malakian below. (The sunflower seed discussion begins around the 29:14 mark.)

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