A song written by Dave Grohl that was originally planned as a collaboration between the Foo Fighters and the late David Bowie will be released. According to Grohl, the track will be recorded and released by an as-of-yet announced band.

Dave Grohl is featured on the cover of GQ’s June issue. He sat down to chat with the magazine’s Features Director Jonathan Heaf, where he opened up about a track he wrote for David Bowie that never came to fruition. Head to the six-minute mark of the video above to see the discussion.

Grohl tells GQ that the song has been on the backburner since it failed to bring the Foos and Bowie together. “I actually gave it to someone recently,” Grohl says. “I tried for years, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. We tried it, kind of worked on it, then I actually contacted Bowie about doing it together for this movie soundtrack, that didn’t work out." The Foos frontman adds, "He didn’t like the movie, it wasn’t me, it was the movie (laughs). Then I started working on it again, and I then gave it to another band, who hasn’t used it yet.”

Grohl was asked which band would be recording the track, but he refused to answer saying, “I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” And as we know, Grohl likes surprises, teasing a big name star guest appearance on the band's latest album for months before finally revealing Justin Timberlake's backing vocals.

Davie Bowie passed away in January of 2016, at the age of 69.

The interview also touches on near-death experiences, the last time he got arrested and how Nirvana, at times, could be hilariously fun. Just recently, Grohl admitted he still has a hard time listening to Nirvana. Watch the entire interview in the player above.

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