During Megadeth's set at Barcelona Rock Fest in Spain on July 2, Dave Mustaine lashed out at a guitar tech on the neighboring stage and called them a "piece of shit" among other insults.

According to a report by Metal JournalJudas Priest's crew was in the midst of a soundcheck while Megadeth were onstage. The act of performing a soundcheck while another artist is playing is rather typical in a festival environment, especially when stages are positioned side-by-side so fans can stay in one place and watch artists perform in succession.

While it's not ideal to hear a crew setting up for the next band while watching another act, it is just the nature of the beast when it comes to festival logistics.

Still, Mustaine was perturbed enough by this act that he briefly halted Megadeth's own performance to lash out at the tech on the adjacent stage after finishing up the Cryptic Writings hit "Trust."

Note: while the fan-filmed video of the incident below shows the banter immediately after "Angry Again," this is an edited version of the full set and doesn't not represent the proper sequence of events.

"We'll wait till he's done checking his guitar over there," comments Mustaine in the clip before a long pause takes placeHe then held up the middle finger on one hand and directed the gesture toward the offending guitar tech, who is not seen in the video's frame.

"The last night of the tour — we went all the way to the last fucking night, and then some pussy over on the stage next to us has to start playing while we're playing. How fucking pathetic, amateur piece of shit you are," an agitated Mustaine decried. After another pause, the frontman rhetorically asked, "Can we proceed now?" and called the guitar tech a "fucking cunt" before kicking into "Symphony of Destruction."

It was still another moment before Megadeth began to play the next song and Mustaine walked over to stage left and peered between two curtains to glare at the guitar tech one more time, it appears.

Watch the full clip below.

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Dave Mustaine Calls Out Guitar Tech on Other Stage at Barcelona Rock Fest

Megadeth Setlist — July 2, 2022 at Barcelona Rock Fest (via setlist.fm)

01. "Hangar 18"
02. "Dread and the Fugitive Mind"
03. "Angry Again"
04. "Sweating Bullets" ("blood stains..." verse and laugh played on tape)
05. "Dystopia"
06. "Trust"
07. "Symphony of Destruction" (delayed as Dave got annoyed by the soundcheck on the next stage)
08. "Peace Sells"
09. "Mechanix" (Tour debut)
10. "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due"

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