This year has been nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster for all of us, and it's been an especially introspective time for artists who've been working on new music. David Draiman, as a result, guarantees that the new Disturbed material he writes will be "blisteringly angry."

The frontman joined brothers Blake and Zach Bedsaul of the band Saul during a recent interview with Loudwire Nights, where the trio discussed their collaborative track "King of Misery." While Draiman was very pleased with the experience he had working with the band and looks forward to doing more collaborations in the future, he's also getting antsy about writing with Disturbed again.

"I can pretty much guarantee you it's going to be blisteringly angry," the vocalist described of the upcoming material he plans to create. "It's coming, don't worry."

A lot of artists have released covers throughout the pandemic as a means to create and put out new content. Disturbed did drop a cover of Sting's "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You," but it had actually been recorded during previous album sessions and left off the record.

"It was fun, I love doing that kind of stuff. And we'll do it again at some point, but I'll tell you — the thing I am dying to do is not a cover," Draiman added. "I'm dying to sink my teeth into some new, original, angry, ferocious, brutal material. I've had enough."

For now, the singer implores everyone to check out Saul's new album Rise As Equalswhich is out today (Oct. 23). The band will be performing a livestream concert to celebrate its release tonight at 7:30pm EST — get tickets here.

To hear the full interview with Draiman and Saul, listen above.

Saul - "King of Misery"

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