Rising hard rock outfit Saul have partnered with Loudwire to premiere the music video for their new song "King of Misery," which was written with Disturbed's David Draiman.

The song comes off Saul's forthcoming debut album, Rise as Equals, which will be out on Oct. 23. It's a punchy anthem with an immediate sing-along chorus that takes a stab at finding an exit amid despondent feelings and how one person's negativity tends to drag others down.

"A day on repeat, spiraling out of control, and no option but to embrace it. The shoot for 'King of Misery' was a spectacular sight for these weary, quarantined eyes," said Saul singer Blake Bedsaul, who added, "Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome had a vision that was spot on with the vibe of the song. The location, crew and actress Catherine Lucchesi were a delight to work with. They really brought the visuals of the song to life."

Guitarist Zach Bedsaul echoed these sentiments, professing, "Imagine the worst day of your life, and then put it on repeat. Director Scott Hansen took the lyrical content of 'King of Misery' to a whole new level. The video opens with an epic space-themed, sci-fi intro that's literally a mini-feature while seamlessly transitioning into an impressive aerial shot of us performing on a plateau in the middle of the Badlands National Park. The beautiful, chaotic landscape leads you to believe that you are actually on another planet."

Watch the music video for "King of Misery" below. Pre-order the album, which will be released through Spinefarm Records, here.

Saul, "King of Misery"

Saul, Rise as Equals Album Artwork + Track Listing


01. "Trial By Fire"
02. "Looking to Fight"
03. "Brother"
04. "King of Misery"
05. "Get It Right"
06. "Rise as Equals"
07. "Inside"
08. "Don't Close Your Eyes"
09. "Levee"
10. "Here and Now"
11. "The Toll"
12. "Things Change"
13. "Sticks and Stones"
14. "Welcome to the Machine"

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