The late-night landscape remains in upheaval, first by David Letterman's decision to retire from the 'Late Show,' followed by Stephen Colbert's ascension to the throne, and finally heir apparent Craig Ferguson's decision to leave the 'Late Late Show.' Controversy has proven to a minimum, but Letterman still stepped up to speak out on Ferguson's departure, while CBS may not yet court a replacement for some time.

Much like Letterman first surprised his audience with the news of his retirement, Ferguson similarly revealed on-camera that he'd be retiring at the end of his contract in December, clarifying that he'd planned to before Letterman first dropped the news. Last night's 'Late Show' saw Letterman reacting to the news, wishing his late-night companion well while downplaying any notions of animosity:

Did you hear this last night? Craig Ferguson announced that he will be leaving his show, The Late Late Show, which comes on right after this show, at the end of the year, which is too bad. He’s been on that program, the star of the show, since 2005 and he’s going on to do other things, I guess a new show that is in the works for him. But his show was unlike any other late night show, and I’m telling you, to be unique in the world of television — virtually impossible. So congratulations to Craig on a great run and we all wish him well.

As it turns out, we may not learn Ferguson's replacement as quickly as Colbert took the 'Late Show' seat, as CBS chairman Nina Tassler told The Hollywood Reporter of its priorities, "Obviously, it's an incredibly valuable time period. We haven't really thought about it yet. We want to let this sink in." Sources say the decision will not be made in time for CBS' upfront presentation in a few weeks, while rumor mills place everyone from 'Archer''s Aisha Tyler to 'Community''s Joel McHale in contention.

Well, what do you think? Is Ferguson's 'Late Late Show' departure proving to be a smooth transition? Who would you want to see joining Stephen Colbert when David Letterman finally steps down? Watch Letterman's words above, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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